The Personality Scanner Module 2

The Personality Scanner’s Module 2 requires a basic knowledge of colours, i.e. the characteristics of personality types, in order to be able to look deeper into someone’s personality, adding the value component in the formula.

This programme will help you to:

  • Recognise which qualities help you stand out
  • Develop a sense of tolerance towards different characteristics in people
  • Improve your results and maximise your income using psychology
  • Accept and love yourself and your unique personality


Personality Scanner

Module 2 (one-day training)

  • Summary of each personality type’s basic characteristics
  • Criteria (filters) which help us recognise each personality type
  • Brands specific to each personality type
  • Clothes which clearly determine someone’s colour
  • Hobbies and free time activities of each personality type
  • Key triggers for selling and negotiating with each personality type
  • What are values and how do they affect our personalities?
  • Hierarchy of personal and business values
  • Practical examples and exercises in recognising personality types

Not only that we prepare you to make fast conclusions and to act fast in your career, but we also help in making you a conscious and confident person. We help each person understand the advantages of their potential. We work on revealing hidden potentials to people, which enable them to understand their unused skills and help them in adapting their communication to the person they are talking to so that they ensure a more prosperous outcome.

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