The Psychology of Sales – What Goes on in a Great Salesperson’s Head?

All top-notch salespeople were born with a predisposition to become great, but whether they truly will be successful depends on how hard they train and shape their talent, and on what goes on in their minds. An analysis of top-notch salespeople shows that they share some key beliefs on sales, customers, but also themselves. This training will shine a light on what beliefs one should have to succeed in sales.

Advisory Sales

Is there a difference between a salesperson and a sales advisor? Definitely! A salesperson pushes something at you and there is always that bitter feeling and fear that someone has tricked us, whereas a sales advisor gives us advice. Advisory sales means we have to understand the needs and wishes of our clients before we can help them in choosing the right product. Advisory sales means that the client leaves happy and with a smile on their face, and they come back for more!

Communication with Buyers in the Digital Era

We have been living in the digital era for some time and the Internet, social media, tablets, smartphones, etc. have become a crucial part of our lives. We are communicating now more than ever, yet there is less and less face-to-face contact in sales. Today, clients can find out almost everything online, and sales is moving to the digital world. But even today, salespeople know how to sell you a reason to come see them in real life.

How to Deal with Complaints?

Complaints are a central part of sales. They are always there, and even if they are not, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist in the customer’s mind – it only means that we have managed to clear them out before they appeared. Every sale has its standard complaints and every clever salesperson has answers prepared. A customer’s complaint means that they are interested, and need our help, in making their decision.

Sales over a Phone

Do you know anyone who does not have a phone nowadays? A phone is the most powerful tool in sales today. It is important to understand its role and why it is the link between the digital world and personal contact. Selling something over a phone is one of the most demanding types of sales. If you are still talking after 15 seconds, you’ve got them.

The Art of Negotiation

Sooner or later we all become part of the negotiation process, and it’s only a question of whether or not we are aware of it. We negotiate almost every day with our colleagues, bosses, kids, partner, supplier, customers. If you work in sales, it is not something you like because it decreases your profit. If you want to get off easily in negotiations, you need to know the other side, the topic of discussion, the phases that the negotiations need to pass through and who is the person leading them. The best negotiator is the one who makes the negotiations needless.

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