Personality Scanner Module 1

No job is simple, especially working with people – working with each client in a personalised way is a true skill, seeing as every professional prefers a specific way of communication. This training teaches you precisely how to communicate with each person! The Personality Scanner is an educational programme chosen and made by Davor Bilman to provide you with a stronger focus, an objective insight and fast deduction skills to help you achieve quick and good results in business and personal relationships alike.

Who is this training intended for? Anyone who wants to:

  • Be more effective in communication
  • Understand themselves and others better
  • Become a first-class salesperson
  • Know how to pick the right person for a specific job

Personality Scanner

Module 1 (one-day training)

What is personality?

  • History of studying people’s personalities
  • 4 basic personality types and their characteristics
  • Advantages and weaknesses of each personality type
  • Body language, voice and words used by each personality type
  • How do specific personality types react to stress?
  • How to communicate with a specific personality type?
  • How do tasks and activities suit each personality type?

This programme will help you to:

  • Recognise which qualities help you stand out
  • Develop a sense of tolerance towards different people

During 8 hours of training, you will be shown the tools and methods developed by Davor Bilman that have helped more than 10 000 people over 15 years.

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