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Have you ever asked yourself?

Why we feel more comfortable in certain situations, and others cause us stress?

Or …why we feel “made for” some jobs, but others make us feel like a “bull in a china shop”?

Or… why some people find it difficult to find a common language, and others can talk together about anything?

Or… why some relationships come naturally, and others don’t work no matter how hard we try?

Or… how is it possible to sell anything to some people, while others don’t want to talk to us at all?

Do you want answers to these questions? Hurry up and apply!

Goals of our one-day training:

  • Become aware of the different personality types and get to know the 4 basic personalities
  • Learn how to recognise a specific personality type
  • Get to know your personality and become aware of how your personality works in communicating with other types
  • Use what you have learnt in your business (or private) life
  • Become a more successful communicator and salesperson for different personality types

One-day training – content

  • What is personality?
  • History of studying people’s personalities
  • How personalities affect interpersonal, team and organisational communication?
  • 4 basic personality types and their characteristics
  • Advantages and weaknesses of each personality type
  • Body language, voice and words used by each personality type
  • Obuća, odjeća i ostali kriteriji koji nam pomažu prepoznati pojedini tip
  • How do specific personality types react to stress?
  • How to sell to and communicate with a specific personality type?
  • How do tasks and activities suit each personality type?
  • Using the personality traits theory in the workplace

Who is this training intended for?

Anyone who wants to:

  • Be more effective in communication
  • Understand themselves and others better
  • Become a first-class salesperson
  • Know how to pick the right person for a specific job
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