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Personality types

Je li naše ponašanje određeno našim rođenjem ili se svemu u životu možemo prilagoditi? Ili je istina negdje između? Saznajte zašto je nužno poznavati sebe (svoju osobnost) kako bi razumjeli koje aktivnosti i poslovi vam bolje leže. Tek kad osvijestimo postojanje različitih tipova osobnosti, možemo razumjeti i prilagoditi svoje ponašanje u skladu s njihovim očekivanjima, prodati, prezentirati ili jednostavno pravilno komunicirati u poslu ili svakodnevnom životu sa svima. Ne očekujte da će se ljudi prilagoditi vama, budite mudri i postanite vi ta osoba koja se može prilagoditi svima.

The Success Formula

Although the definition of success is different for everyone, everyone wants to be successful. Success is within everyone’s reach and the only thing you have to do is find your formula. If you are convinced that success happens of its own or that it will be as it was written, you are right (we just ask you to leave this website and stop reading). Success doesn’t happen by accident, but it is the result of taking the right steps. Do you know what those steps are?

Stress Resistant

“Just breathe deeply and count to 10” – this really can help you if you are under stress, but is it possible not to be under stress? Stress is our body’s natural reaction when it wants to achieve something, and today’s lifestyle can make that happen easily. What happens in our head is key, it is essential to understand which beliefs help us and which hinder us when stress is involved. It’s impossible to avoid life situations, but we can certainly choose how we look at them. It is exactly this outlook that determines when and how resistant we can be to stress.

Master Your Time

Do you know people who never have enough time to do something? Have you heard someone saying: “I don’t have time”? How is that possible when we all have the same amount of time, 24 hours a day. If you do not master your time, be sure that there will be someone who will do it for you. Learn the basic rules of managing your time and ensure that every day you have enough time for what is important to you.

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