Efficient Communication

Communication is one of the most important factors in success and happiness at work and in life. Every person knows how to communicate, the question is only how efficient their communication is. When we understand the different traps of ineffective communication that can prevent proper communication, we will never again hear “… but I thought…” Become an expert in asking questions and an active listener, and avoid many potential problems using effective communication.

The Secrets of Body Language

Wouldn’t it be great to know what the other side thinks about our offer or us? Do they like us or can they hardly wait to get away? A large part of the answer lies in body language or the proper interpretation of this type of communication. Why is it important to interpret someone’s gestures and moves in the context and what is a gesture cluster are some of the questions which greatly determine if we are interpreting someone’s body language well. What do we do when we are lying or when we don’t like something, these are things every top-notch communicator, salesperson or leader needs to know.

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Every communication channel indicates a certain level of interest, even when someone is yelling, nagging or complaining. Every top-notch communicator knows why it is important to differentiate between solving a complaint and getting out of a conflict. Knowing the emotional and rational techniques of connecting and communicating will enable you to deal with clients in every situation. The best feeling in sales is when a disgruntled client becomes your loyal promoter.

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