Coaching with Employment

“Don’t send a bull to a china shop,” because he’ll most likely break something. As logical as this statement seems, we often ignore it when hiring. We will help you in finding the perfect person for a job by recognising their personality traits and skills. If you are looking for someone to fill a position that determines the results of your company (the best salesperson, sales advisor, team manager), we will be glad to use our expertise and experience to help you.

Advisory Sales

Is there a difference between a salesperson and a sales advisor? Definitely! A salesperson pushes something at you and there is always that bitter feeling and fear that someone has tricked us, whereas a sales advisor gives us advice. Advisory sales means we have to understand the needs and wishes of our clients before we can help them in choosing the right product. Advisory sales means that the client leaves happy and with a smile on their face, and they come back for more!

Inspirational Rhetoric

People are not machines and they don’t always perform the same way. All people, even the best of us, have moments when their motivation is down, when they don’t see a way out, when the results are dropping or when they start doubting themselves and their choices. In moments like these, we need a dose of positive energy, an example that something is possible, that we are heading in the right direction. Let us be the spark to light a motivational flame with you and your employees.

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