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Try not to laugh! "

Svjetski dan smijeha

Povodom Svjetskog dana smijeha okušali smo se u izazovu smijanja na loše viceve, a pobjednika je nemoguće odabrati. 😂👏🤣

Objavljuje Skener osobnosti by Davor Bilman u 10. siječnja 2018

A smile goes a long way!

We can’t completely influence everything that happens to us, but we can always choose how we feel. Great salesmen almost always choose this! 🙂 !

Personality based on shoes!

The challenge of recognising the personality of a person based only on their shoes has been placed before me and the Personality scanner. 😁 Shoes can always be the most efficient “filter” for recognising a dominant personality, so the challenge is not as difficult as it sounds. 👠

Personality types


“Preparations and planning are 99% of success.”

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“Nothing but the best!”

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“Loving, caring and helping are the essence of life.”

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“Life’s a party- have fun! :)”

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About the Personality Scanner

Methods of determining and recognising a personality type are widely known and used as a solid tool in understanding oneself and others. However, there is a single method which shows us how to recognise someone’s personality well enough after only a few moments, using different filters in a short period of time to know how to approach that person. This method is called the Personality Scanner by Davor Bilman. During a one-day workshop you will learn how to recognise someone’s personality in order to communicate efficiently, sell your products or services, choose the right person for a job, or how not to make a mistake in choosing a business or personal partner. Apart from maximising success and efficiency, you will learn to recognise a person’s qualities and develop your tolerance towards different people. If you want to learn more, you can deepen your knowledge and bring your assessment abilities to an incredibly accurate level during other workshops. During a one-day workshop, you will learn what values are, how they affect somebody’s personality, and what your hierarchy of business and personal values says about you. For those of you who do personality assessments for a living, we offer certificates for coaches of the Personality Scanner by Davor Bilman.

Davor is an economist with over 20 years of sales experience and over 15 years of training under his belt. Over 200 companies and 10 000 people have taken part in his workshops, and during his career, he has had everyday contact with people, while looking for the easiest and fastest way to determine which personality type they belong to.

Others about Davor

The personality scanner is a very interesting workshop and learning points are applicable in everyday business and private life. Concept of the training is very innovative, as well as a presentation skills from Mr. Bilman, who performs this training on extremely professional level, using a portion of humor which makes it even more attractive in…

Oliver Šarić Business Unit Director for Medical Devices Johnson&Johnson S.E.

Very dynamic workshops. The topic is presented in a new way, it is a good feeling to learn and accept a new psychological perspective of yourself and the person you are talking to. Useful, fun, and intense experience with a professional approach. Let go, the colours are a part of us! Greetings from a red…

Katarina Moskatelo Antena Zagreb DJ, Voiceover artist, Event host Antena Zagreb

The Personality Scanner by Davor Bilman is one of the most interesting workshops I have ever attended. It is very useful and can really help when interacting with people we have not met very well yet. The knowledge I have acquired in just one day I use every day. I think it’s very useful in…

Ivan Penezić Singer Pravila Igre

I have attended several of Mr. Bilman’s workshops, and I would single out the Personality Scanner as one of my personal favourites, and would recommend it to everyone no matter what they do for a living. Mr. Bilman is an exceptional teacher, competent, experienced, convincing. His workshops are very interesting, with a lot of interaction,…

Marija Zagorec Voditeljica poslovnice PSC Zagreb

Personality Scanner by Davor Bilman is one of the top 3 tools I have learnt in the past 25 years of experience and education, and in these 25 years I have received a PhD and attended over 50 workshops. Yes, he’s that good!

Ivana Nobilo Communication & Transformational Coach

Imagine that you are a chef, you’ve just made a fantastic dish, but you need one final ingredient to make it – perfect. The Personality Scanner is the thing: the secret ingredient in determining someone’s personality. And you know what they say about secret ingredients: add wisely. 🙂

Snježana Merdžan Ćuić English language trainer

Davor’s workshops meet all your expectations and more. Through the workshops we learn how to understand others in an easy and easily applicable way, and this way we are also learning how to understand ourselves in our work. With all this talent, he hasn’t forgotten socially responsible business :o)

Darko Petanjak Stručni suradnik za donacije građana i poslovnog sektora - CRVENI NOSOVI

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